Hi, I’m Leslie and I believe in the healing power of food. I have always been passionate about food and cooking, so I was thrilled by the opportunity to work at Food & Wine Magazine as a graphic designer at the beginning of my career. That passion grew and became more health-focused when I was introduced to functional medicine while looking for answers to my own health issues, as well as those of my parents and children. I learned that food is not just fuel for the body, but a powerful tool for healing and prevention. Eager to learn more, I decided to pursue a master’s in nutrition.

I enjoy digging into the details of each client’s unique health history and day-to-day reality to help them determine what brings balance to their body and ultimately their life. I meet each client where they are, as I guide them to the joy of eating real food as a path to wellness, health and happiness.

My education includes a Master’s Degree in Nutrition from Bridgeport University and I am licensed by the American Nutrition Association as a Certified Nutrition Specialist® (CNS®).

I love spending time outdoors playing tennis, hiking and gardening. I also enjoy practicing yoga, as well as staying connected with family and friends. Most evenings I can be found trying a new recipe or tweaking one from a favorite cookbook to share with you.