Hi there! I’m Dr. Desiree Galante and I’m here to empower, inspire, educate and heal you. I’m a licensed naturopathic doctor in Washington D.C. I grew up in upstate NY in a (very) small rural town in the Catskill Mountains. I received my B.S. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Plattsburgh State University in NY.

Prior to medical school, I worked helping to care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in an organization that promoted a wholesome lifestyle. After seeing how important promoting wellness could be in these individuals’ lives, I was inspired to seek out naturopathic medicine.

I completed my medical training at the University of Bridgeport in CT, where I received my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and graduated Summa Cum Laude. During medical school, I became fascinated with not only helping to support the health of my patient’s but also my own health after years of struggling with my own personal thyroid disease and hormonal imbalances. After graduation, I completed my medical residency at the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine while training under Dr. Peter D’Adamo. Before moving to Alexandria, I had been practicing at a collaborative Naturopathic family medicine practice in CT where I was able to help serve a wide variety of patients.

I believe that a healthy lifestyle is truly the foundation for optimal health and specialize in women’s health, optimizing fertility and thyroid disease in which I utilize tools such as personalized nutrition, herbal medicine, nutrigenomic counseling, and microbiome analysis.

Personally speaking, I LOVE traveling to other countries, hiking and getting outdoors, and cozying up with a good book and a cup of tea.

I am beyond excited and grateful to be granted the opportunity to guide you through your healing journey and teach you how to heal yourself now and for years to come.