Hello! My name is Farah Jamani and I’m a mom of two, wife, integrative Pharmacist, Functional Medicine Health and Life Coach.

Having risen through the ranks in corporate pharmacy and having seen patient after patient struggle with more and more medications, never truly feeling well, I knew there had to be a better way. I went back to school to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, trained at The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) and discovered the missing piece for true transformation was mindset. Training with the pioneer and guru in the field, Tony Robbins, I became a certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach.

My favorite question growing up was “WHY”… And now I’m on a mission to educate and empower women to discover the root cause of what’s creating their imbalance by continuing to ask WHY? I merge evidenced based scientific strategies with positive psychology to create a holistic, personalized lifestyle medicine approach to optimize physical and emotional health.

My core belief is that women deserve to “own their health to transform their lives” to be free to live beyond their wildest dreams full of passion, purpose and power. By shining a light on blindspots, overcoming limiting beliefs and creating new and empowering identities, women can reclaim themselves and create the impact and abundance they deserve.