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Naturopathic Services:
Our Process

We are a virtual clinic that focuses on an individualized approach to transforming your health. Here at Terrain Clinic we have created a package approach that combines naturopathic medicine, nutrition, and health coaching to assure you have the best chance of reaching your goals.


We start with a 75 minute consult where your doctor will gather information, determine an individualized approach, and order functional lab testing.


We will have a 60 minute follow-up consult where we explain your test results and create a personalized plan.

You will also have two 30 minute consults with a nutritionist to assure you can seamlessly incorporate nutritional recommendations that will serve to optimize your health.


We will have two 30 minute follow-up consults with your doctor to check-in, monitor your progress, make sure you feel supported, and make any necessary changes to your personalized plan.

You will also have one 30 minute consult with our holistic health coach to help you create successful strategies and eliminate any obstacles in the process of reaching your health goals.

Our Focus