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Julie S.

Dr. Galante is an excellent physician. I highly recommend her, particularly for patients with difficult health challenges. Having experienced very complex health problems over many years, I have come across numerous doctors, very few of whom were helpful. Dr. Galante is one of the most intelligent and caring physicians I have seen. Every time I have had an appointment with her, she has presented me with new and thoughtful suggestions that have overall greatly improved my condition. When one of my health issues was out of Dr. Galante’s range of expertise, she put in extra effort to find another medical professional who was also excellent in her specialty and very helpful to me. Dr. Galante is one of the brightest physicians you will find, goes above and beyond for her patients, and is a pleasure to work with.

Julie S.

Sara Z.

I have been seeing Dr. Galante for the past year and my experience with her has been wonderful. She is very easy to open up to, extremely caring and her treatments have helped me heal from many health problems. I am very thankful for Dr. Galante.

Sara Z.

Angelica W.

Dr. Galante is incredible. She knew the root cause for my health concerns and made a plan for me to treat the cause and not the symptoms. Dr. Galante has opened my eyes to naturopathic medicine. I cannot thank her enough for being so kind, caring, and helpful. I can truly say I feel much better and alive!

Myrna W.

When I met with Dr. Boyd, he was very patient and clear about how to approach my health concerns and what my protocol would be. He was flexible about adapting and personalizing my plan based on results. It is a pleasure to work with him!

Dana M.

I have struggled with allergies and eventually autoimmune issues much of my adult life. I tried many western medical approaches as well as Naturopathic medications, therapies and diets, but became more and more susceptible to fatigue, infections and chemical/food sensitivities. The genetic and gut biome testing which Dr. Boyd used finally provided key information as to which dietary and herbal solutions would be optimal for my body to begin the return to a healthy equilibrium. My symptoms have improved steadily and I am feeling stronger and more energetic than I ever expected!

Harriet G.

I am happy to have worked with Dr. Boyd as he is very knowledgeable, patient and a very good listener. I followed the recommendations provided by Dr. Boyd and in doing so, I experienced positive changes in my overall health. Dr. Boyd is clearly interested in helping patients to achieve their wellness goals. I highly recommend him.

Sue H.

I know Dr. Boyd and Dr. Galante personally and completely trust them with any and all health questions I have for myself and my family. After having miscarried, I sought professional medical advice to try and get pregnant again. They helped me track my cycle, choose the best vitamins/supplements to get my body in top shape and a healthy baby girl was the result! I’m so thankful to have doctors I believe in and trust with my life. Not only are they brilliant, they have huge hearts and put their patients first. Thank you for your amazing service to me, my family and the world!

Sue H.

Michelle M.

Dr. Boyd is amazing!

Michele M.