Hi! I’m Jen Ayala and I love all things food. Growing up in England I really didn’t have such a passion however, it was a means to an end, and I certainly thought my constant ear aches and eczema as a child was ‘my lot’ and ‘it could be so much worse’. With my stiff upper lip I graduated with a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Manchester in England in 2001, and set off around the world for 15 years of late nights and spreadsheets in the financial services industry. Global foods all of a sudden peaked my interest!

With kids and experience under my belt, the corporate lifestyle took its toll though and I needed a new challenge, and honestly some of my own healing, and through that realization came a dedication to all things food and feelings. In 2016, I made my nutrition passion a full time focus and have been engrossed in the latest theory and practice ever since (and I have a whole new perspective on eczema and ear aches!).

I am a graduate of the Human Nutrition Masters program at the University of Bridgeport,and have also been licensed by the American Nutrition Association as a Certified Nutrition Specialist. I have developed an approach which is centered around a core belief that nutrition personalization is key. When I’m not working with clients, I can be found experimenting with recipes in my kitchen or exploring my home Connecticut, with my husband and two kids.

I love meeting new clients and hearing their stories, so if you are curious what a nutrition plan might be for you, and you feel ready to share, please do reach out.